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Pirozzi tailoring was inspired by its founder Nunzio Pirozzi. Its story begins way back in 1950, when Nunzio Pirozzi was a teenager who started feeling an overwhelming passion for the craft of sewing.

He decided to attend the Master Sorrentino tailoring school in Casalnuovo in Naples, his hometown and place of the greatest Neapolitan tailors, without salary but just a willpower to learn.

During his mandatory military service, he worked on the uniforms of Italian army officers as well as civilian clothing. He returned home after military service to train with De Bellis in Naples.

In 1964 he opened Sartoria Pirozzi near the central station of Naples. Nunzio’s dream of becoming a tailor had become true!

His “personal cut” approach formed Pirozzi’s style and his ability developed to run an international market. The studio was then moved to Mergellina, one of the most prestigious areas of Naples.

Today it is still a family business working with the same original inspiration and passion coupled now with a top level of classic tailoring.

Thanks to his heritage and extensive experience to Kiton Domenico Pirozzi is today the youngest tailor and cutter of the Neapolitan tradition. Giovanna Pirozzi tenaciously manages with great care their relationships with suppliers and customers.

At 27, Viale Prof. Filippo Manna today remains focused on the highest quality hand-cutting and hand-sewing on their suits.

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